At the office of Dr. Michael Dorociak, we continually strive to offer the best and latest in technology. All of this is to better serve our patients and to provide them with the highest quality care and comfort.

Digital X-Rays: These x-rays will reduce radiation significantly while providing instant images. These images can be magnified to offer greater clarity. A true state of the art system that utilizes sensors instead of traditional film.
More information here: dental x-rays

Intra-Oral Cameras: These camera systems allow us to visualize the mouth on a monitor. It is a great educational tool allowing the patient to see what the Doctor sees. It can also aid in record keeping and diagnosis.

TV Monitors: Situated in every room these monitors are great for patient entertainment. Relax and watch a program while your dentistry is being completed. They also function as educational tools, where the patient can learn about any subject in dentistry.

Computerized Restorative Dentistry: Many of our dental restorations involve all ceramic systems that are designed and fabricated with the aid of a computer.

Panoramic Digital X-Ray: This ultra high tech machine offers us a full view of the mouth that traditional x-rays would not, all at a very reduced exposure. The amount of radiation required for one dental radiograph is about the same amount of radiation you receive by standing in a parking lot in the sun for a few minutes, or riding in an airliner for a few minutes. This machine allows x-rays to be taken outside of the mouth with no discomfort.

Electric Handpieces, Laser Cavity Detectors, Rotary Root Canal Handpieces: All of these plus many other devices, equipment and techniques are in our office to insure your ultimate satisfaction and greater patient care.

Game Room: For kids of all ages, the most technologically advanced part of our office just may be the out of this world game room!

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